Monday, October 31, 2005

Et Tu, Tim?

NBC Sock Puppet Parlez-Vous El Latino

In a fearless puff piece dissected by Huffington, Scooter and Dick's favorite talking head is portrayed as the Clark Kent of D.C. Gotham. Huffington says

"We also learn that Russert is 'a big, bluff lawyer-turned-journalist' with 'sharp-eyed instincts for covering the political world,' who 'moves easily in the worlds of official and social Washington' (despite those homebound Saturday nights). And we also learn of Russert the Scholar who took 'four years of Latin.'"

Golly-ee. I took four years of Latin, too. (In all fairness, three years was Latin II.) Can I be a White House shill for NBC?

Huffington goes on to point out the bottom line about the treacherous pundits in peacock land:
"And it's not just Purdum. Why is no one in the mainstream media talking about the most troubling aspect of the latest Russert revelations -- the fact that Libby had called him to bitch about Chris Matthews -- and what it reveals about the cozy, symbiotic relationship between the those in power and those in the media? Over the last decade, far too many reporters have forgotten that their mission is to uncover the truth, not to do the bidding of the powers-that-be."

Treasonous incest in viperville.